The Book

The Book

After facilitating caregiver support groups for years, and seeing families going through the trauma of trying to communicate with the person who has Alzheimer’s, in its various stages, I began to try to think of a way to explain why the person with the disease cannot communicate as they once did. They just cannot. Sometimes it seems like this person is doing things on purpose, just to aggravate the caregiver. But truly, the communication process as we know it no longer exists. It’s almost like…like the person has gone to another planet. Planet Alzheimer’s. And on this planet, there are certain rules that must be followed.

And that’s where the idea for this book came from. Trying to explain to loved ones how to successfully communicate with someone who has Alzheimer’s disease, so that person doesn’t get angry and defensive, and is allowed to save face regarding their continuing inability to remember things.

This is a technique, and practice makes perfect. I’m hoping that this information will help you when you are visiting that person in your life who has Alzheimer’s Disease.

When you travel to see them on the planet they are now on. Welcome to Planet Alzheimer’s.

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