“…and after caring for 4 members of my family with dementia, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the care of our loved ones with this sad condition. Our tools are love, laughter and information.”
DK, South Carolina

“…and I am caring for my aunt who has been disguising the illness for many years. She has been physically injured, hospitalized, and been financially abused as well. The first page of your book is just what I needed. She has been taken to Planet Alzheimer’s against her will. Now I can let go of the baggage and just love and care for her. Thank you, you may have saved me from a stroke! The stress was getting to me.”
KD, Nevada

“Thank you for writing such a book. I wanted one for each of my five children because it is so informative. My husband has Alzheimer’s…”
AB, South Carolina

“I learned of your book at a support group meeting in the nursing home where my 95 year old mother lives. It is short and to the point and very easy to read and understand. Thank you for taking the time to write such a book.”
AS, Georgia

“Your book has been a huge help to my friend and her family. Her 86 year old husband has Alzheimer’s. In this stage, he goes from “okay” to “absurd”. Your choice of words is so very correct. Thank you for giving your time and energy to help others who must make this journey.”
DT, Kentucky

“…and thank you for the book “Planet Alzheimer’s. Now that my husband is in a facility, it will help everyone understand when they visit. I also gave a copy to the Director.”
JH, California

“This is my third order for your book. I still think you should expand each of the ten rules into 20 pages each and you would have a 200 page bestseller!”
WM, Utah

“…just thank you. Great book!”
DM, Wisconsin

“What a wonderful little book, that is so big on information. Thank you so much.”
JD, Texas

“I have just returned to Planet Earth after being with my dear mother who is slowly losing her mind. I detest this disease and what it has done and is doing to us all. I have 3 brothers who will be receiving your book. Thank God for our sense of humor.”
NG, Massachusetts

“…you have certainly achieved your goals with this book. I will be handing them out at our caregiver support groups, Memory Clinics and health-education events. Thanks again.”
CW, Indiana